A thought.

It’s official. Today marks the first day of the fall semester at Southern. And after an interesting weekend, we are happy to see that everything is moving along as planned. Saturday evening, a massive thunderstorm (I’ve named it Hurricane Louis) graced its presence upon Louisville. If we were still in Florida, this thing would have been classified as a tropical storm…and a heavy duty one at that! As we ate our dinner, we watched the swaying trees, howling winds, and utter downpour just outside our windows. And then the power went out. We figured that, like Florida, we’d be getting our electricity back in a few hours, tops. It wasn’t until Sunday morning when we woke up–still without power–that we remembered that we surely weren’t in Florida anymore. It wasn’t too big of a deal…just a couple of cold showers and a few meals out. But it wasn’t until we ventured out for church on Sunday morning that we realized the great effect of the storm. Stop lights were out all over town (scary at the largest, most dangerous of intersections), huge trees had fallen into houses and cars, businesses and families were without electricity as Louisville electric worked to repair the ancient power lines. To say the least, everyone thought it was an interesting way to begin the new semester at Southern (luckily, the school’s power was restored on Sunday evening…or that would’ve made for a fun first day)!! While this incident was, in the grand scheme of things, rather minuscule compared to some other alternatives, it did teach us a few things. It reminded us of the luxuries that we have and it tested our ability to do without those things if necessary. Considering we were in the middle of an extremely intriguing TV show when the power went out, it was tough 🙂 But it reminded us that God doesn’t always have our comfort in His interest. Sometimes He reserves the right to put us places and in conditions where we aren’t always safe and aren’t always comfortable–but ALWAYS where His name will be glorified. And thats just something that we, as believers, need to accept.

So yea, it was just a storm. And yep, this is a rather far-fetched analogy…but I thought it was worthwhile to share.

Ways that you can pray for us in the coming days:
Brian had two interviews today for two different banks and two different teller positions. One seems like a better opportunity than the other and both banks seem intent on hiring him, but the time might come when we have to accept or reject one without knowing the final decision on the other. Pray for guidance in this area, that we would be willing to step out on faith if the situation arises.

I have a second interview tomorrow for the leasing consultant position I applied for last week. This interview will be with the actual owner of the apartment complex. There are two other applicants in the running for the job. Pray that they might see something different in me.

We have begun our church search in Louisville. Right now, we are feeling drawn to the two churches we have visited–but they are entirely different from one another. We feel as if each would be equally amazing choices…just for different reasons. We want to get plugged in as quick as possible so that we can begin serving and building community. Pray that God would show us exactly where He wants us to be.

You’re awesome. Thanks for following.


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  1. That's scary, but I'm glad things are getting back to normal! I had to laugh when you realized you weren't in Florida anymore when the power didn't come on too quickly. I love that you posted your prayer requests at the end. It helps to have some direction as to the situations you guys are facing and need prayer in, I will definitely add those three things to my prayer list and I look forward to hearing the outcomes!

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