Just Passing the Time Away…

It’s hard to believe we’ve almost been here for 2 weeks already! Boy, how time flies! And boy, how happy we are to have made the decision to move in two weeks before school begins on Monday! Not only have we been able to get all of our belongings unpacked, make our apartment as “homey” as possible, and complete some of the tedious tasks required of moving to a new state (transferring auto insurance, attempting to get new licenses, etc.), we’ve also been able to enjoy some much needed REST! With such an exhausting two weeks before we moved, having an opportunity to relax has been such a blessing! We forgot what life was like without having the responsibilities of work and school to worry about! Our days have consisted of sleeping in, gaining so much valuable knowledge from Food Network and HGTV, checking out numerous coffee shops around town, applying (x10) for jobs, getting a considerable amount of reading done, and even cooking dinner together! Sounds splendid, I know! Of course, we know (and we are praying) that this won’t last for long!

Fortunately, we both have job interviews within the next 5 days! I have an interview tomorrow afternoon as a leasing consultant for a nearby apartment complex. I’m praying that this could finally be the end to my job search. It’s a full-time position, so if I got it, that would really be perfect! Brian also has a phone interview on Monday morning for a bank teller position at PNC Bank. He has already made it through two stages of the application process and we are assuming that this will be the last (besides training, of course). It would be amazing if we were both offered these positions. Not only would they result in a much needed income, but we are truly excited for the fact that both of these positions require daily interaction with people outside of the seminary–outside of what could easily become a Christian “bubble.” We are looking forward to the opportunities to spread the light of Christ in our places of work. So they would definitely be an answer to prayer, to say the least!

We still have yet to make many friends here, but we know that there will be more opportunities to do so once school actually begins and once we find a church home. Campus is definitely filling up more and more everyday! We visited our first church here on Sunday morning: Highview Baptist Church. We enjoyed it, but we are still hoping to try a few more before deciding on where we will become members. We have found the people of Louisville–and especially students/alumni of Southern–are so friendly and welcoming to new seminary students. Brian has already gotten two calls–one from the worship leader at Highview (a student at SBTS and predecessor to a friend, Eric Yeldell, who used to lead worship at Highview) and one from the pastor of Vine Street Baptist Church (the church that was so hospitable towards us on our mission trip to Louisville in March)–asking him if he would like to get coffee sometime and assist us with the transition to Louisville. This was definitely a blessing and I truly hope that they would be the beginning of great mentoring relationships for him.

Well, what was intended to be a short update turned into quite a long update! Sorry about that…thanks for sticking it out ’til the end 🙂 We are just so excited to share about our time here and want to keep you as “in the loop” as possible! Thanks for following!


Check out some pictures of where we live below…

This is our apartment complex.
Our kitchen.
Our living room.
A main building on campus: Norton Hall.



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