The "Luhvul" Life

Tomorrow will be our fifth day in Louisville and we are finally settled in to our new apartment. The apartment is great…it suits our needs extremely well. We are living right on campus amongst other seminary students and families and we really think this will be a great way to get to know some people here in Louisville. In the past couple of days, we have seen many more students moving in and much more activity on campus–an indicator that the start of the semester is just around the corner.

Ashley’s parents helped us move in and just left this morning to fly back home to Florida. It was such a blessing that they were with us to help with the driving and the furniture lifting!! With them leaving to head home, we were given a small taste of our new life here in Louisville…and reminded of the fact that we are alone here in Kentucky. To say the least, we definitely missed their company. Pray that we would begin to make connections with the students that are already here!
Our job hunt is still in full force. We have both applied for countless jobs and are waiting to hear of any responses. Unfortunately, Ashley has not heard back about the job she had a phone interview for 2 weeks ago. In the end, we know that God is going to provide something for us. It’s just a little daunting to see the bills start piling up and no income as of yet (although it has only been 5 days). We have been trying to stay optimistic and diligent with searching for more jobs and completing more applications. Your prayers would be appreciated in this matter!!! 😉
Upon our arrival to Louisville on Monday, we remembered why we fell in love with this city to begin with. The character and the culture that is here is really incomparable to anywhere else! The countless local coffee shops are a plus too! We are excited to begin our church search on Sunday and find a place to get plugged in and serve during our time here.
We’ll keep you updated 🙂
-BM and AM

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