Tomorrow…It’s Only a Day Away…

So tomorrow is the big day when we will officially load up the truck and head to Kentucky! We are experiencing a variety of emotions at this point–nervousness, excitement, and lots and lots of stress! Most of our apartment is packed, but running out of packing tape and accidentally packing up our last sharpie doesn’t really help with the progress 😉 To say the least, I’ll be running a few errands today!

We’ve said a good amount of our goodbyes so far…and the rest will come tonight with our last weekly service at the BCM. It’s a bittersweet task. We are definitely looking forward to the trip up to Louisville! We’ll be taking 4 days total: tomorrow we’ll be heading to my parents house (a 1.5 hour drive), Saturday morning we’ll head to Pensacola (a 6 hour drive), Sunday evening we’ll depart for Birmingham (a 4 hour drive), and Monday morning we’ll finish out the trip with a 6 hour drive to Louisville. It should be a fun journey–seeing as my parents are not exactly the “road trip” kind of people 🙂

Its possible that I might have gotten a job in Louisville…should know within the next week or so. I had a phone interview last week for a Claims Processing position with Humana health insurance. I thought it went pretty well and my interviewer made it sound promising. Please pray that I will be content with whatever God decides about this job. I know that He has something lined up for me…its just a matter of being patient and allowing Him to work. We also bought a car last week–talk about a leap of faith! We realized that having two cars in Louisville was more necessary than what we had originally thought, especially with both of us planning on working. Brian’s uncle got us a great deal at the dealership he works for in Daytona and we took him up on it! In the end, we stand assured knowing that God will provide for us financially. He always has and He always will.

Brian will begin school in just over two weeks and he is completely thrilled! Please pray that he would remain enthusiastic about his schooling and learn how to balance his time with all of these new responsibilities that come with a Masters level degree. I am so excited to see him in this new phase of life!! I, on the other hand, officially just finished my Bachelor’s degree last week. It was probably the most exciting day I’ve had since our wedding!! I’m looking forward to taking a bit of a break from school and (at least for the first semester) will just be taking a class one night a week with other seminary wives.

Well, we’ll definitely make sure to keep you updated as best as possible with the upcoming move! It’ll be a hectic couple of days…so we’ll probably fill you in when we get to Louisville. Thanks for following 🙂


Last date night in Tampa


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